GIS Files – Map of Medieval/Early Modern Plasencia

[lab_heading title=”GIS Files – Map of Medieval/Early Modern Plasencia”]
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RCCP is making many of its research products available for review and use by other scholars. You may download and use the following ArcGIS files that present a 2D geovisual map of the 15th century city of Plasencia, Spain. To learn more about using ArcGIS files, read more here: Please attribute any use of these files to the “Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project,”

To access these files, you will need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, such as the free one FileZilla (

Instructions for accessing the files are as follows:

  • Launch your FTP client.
  • Settings:
    • Protocol: FTP
    • Server:
    • User Name: u40542069-RCCP_Guest
    • Password: virtualplasencia
  • Connect to the remote FTP folder, “RCCP_VirtualPlasencia_Public,” using your FTP client.
  • Browse for the folder, “Virtual Plasencia ArcGIS Files”, and open it.
  • Open the “plasencia_GIS” folder.
  • All files are should now be available for download.