[lab_heading title=”Respository”]
[lab_scroll_box scroll_height=”950″]Critical to our project is our commitment to the advancement of the humanities and digital innovations.

To this end, the Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project will make its intellectual property available via this website to other scholars, students, non-profit organizations, and the public. To access our shared files, use the following instructions.

To access these files, you will need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, such as the free one FileZilla.

Instructions for accessing the files are as follows:

  • Launch your FTP client.
  • Settings:
    • Protocol: FTP
    • Server:
    • User Name: u40542069-RCCP_Guest
    • Password: virtualplasencia
  • Connect to the remote FTP folder, “RCCP_VirtualPlasencia_Public,” using your FTP client.
  • All files are should now be available for download.

Currently available materials:

  • Virtual Plasencia Unity Model Version 1.1 – vp1.1.unity3d
  • Virtual Plasencia Unity Model Version 1.6 – vp1.6.unity3d
  • Virtual Plasencia GIS files.