RCCP Citizen Scholar Portal

The Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project is committed engaging and incorporating citizen scholars in its initiative to understand intercultural and religious co-existence. Our associated project is a crowdsourcing transcription initiative known as Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain.

To join the project as a RCCP citizen scholar (any one interested in assisting us with the evaluation of manuscripts and interpreting them), please join the project. When you join the project you will automatically subscribed to our bi-monthly newsletter.

Register as a RCCP citizen scholar and tell us about yourself.

Previously registered RCCP citizen scholars.

There are multitude of ways to participate. The most important aspect of our work is to engage you and your interests! Consider joining:

Our Official Facebook Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project page to visit with other interested persons and our team. Also, you can share interesting historic news and ideas with each other.

The excellent unofficial Facebook Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain page. This is a closed group created by former MOOC students, but you can solicit an invite. (As of January 2015, it had a membership of 389 persons.)